Imagem capa - A beautiful wedding in Hillsborough-NC | Kim and Kelvin por Marco Aurélio Garcia

A beautiful wedding in Hillsborough-NC | Kim and Kelvin

This was a very important wedding not only for the bride and groom but for me as well because it was our first event in North Carolina.

I met Kim and Kelvin personally the day before the wedding. A nice couple they live in California but came to the small town of Hillsborough-NC to get married.

The wedding was beautiful to begin with practically all the preparations made by the bride and groom, a ceremony for friends and family on a beautiful sunny Saturday afternoon.

It was beautiful, simple and especially full of strong feelings, the kind of real feelings that I have tried show through my work, always focusing on the feelings of every single moment and trying to tell how truly special day is.

I could not fail to thank the dear couple who relied on our work and also our team who did a beautiful job.

Thank you so much guys.

PH: Marco Garcia and Maria Sollecito

Assistance and production: Jaqueline Garcia